Creating an Artist Page

What's a Myvibe Page

A Myvibe Page is a public profile which is specifically for music artists, music promoters and record labels to connect with their fan and launch their music. It is a channel where an artists officially releases their music works to the public, unlike personal accounts, pages has followers, pages can monetize a musical release via launching and premium music, pages can be viewed and visited by others, pages are not limited to upload music, pages has "mvme" also known as handle, and pages can express themselves via vibes.

Why create a page and who is it for

Pages are specifically for Music artists, promoters and Record labels
You should create a page because:

  1. Itis a platform where you would launch your music

  2. It helps you get broader reach and publicity

  3. With a page you can release a premium music work to monetize it

  4. Unlimited release of musical work and uploads

  5. Better Expression to fans

  6. Private premium link(PPL)

Glossary and features

What is Premium Music

A premium music is any musical work released(music audio, single, music video, e.t.c) which is free for streaming but not available for free download unless purchased, any music work can be premium as desired by the owner or artist, premium music can also be released for free at anytime by the author/artist. Normally artists put up their music as premium on the initial release to the public, and release it for free after they may have made up for the cost of the musical work. However it is the artist's discretion to how long their music should be on premium. Read more about our policy on premium music here.Premium musics are identified with the icon

What is Private premium link(PPL):

Private premium link is a feature where artist can monetize their music effectively especially from friends, fans, family and well wishers. Anyone with this link would purchase an artist music with any amount above ₦500, PPL is a music launch link, an artist may shared this link to desired persons to support a music release of theirs. A music can be premium and also have a private premium link or either, music do not have PPL by default unless generated. PPL helps upcoming artist to monetize their music while it is free to the general public which helps to solve the hassle between fame and finance.