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Terms and Conditions

About Myvibe

Welcome to Myvibe
Myvibe is a platform where Music Artists officially launch and release their music works, it is a community of Music artists, music promoters, record labels and fans engaging and connecting. Get Unlimited streams of latest hits and music trends, on Myvibe we talk and feel music.

These terms below covers and govern the use of Myvibe for both parties and everyone who uses or visits Myvibe and its related products

Myvibe is free to use by everyone to watch and follow their favourite artists music release and celebrity life, streaming unlimited music audios and videos is accessible to everyone on Myvibe

We don’t sell your personal data to advertisers, and we don’t share information that directly identifies you (such as your name, email address or other contact information) with advertisers unless you give us specific permission.

Services We Provide

Our mission is to give all category of artists the platform to make a living off their musical career whilst building a reasonable presence in the industry, to connect fans to their favourite artists, and record labels at a more deeper level. To help advance this mission, we provide the Products and services described below to you:

Personalised Music Streaming:

With Myvibe you get personalised high quality streams of your favourites, music audio and video releases

Connect you with Artists and Pages you love:

We help you connect and follow your favorites and keep up with their latest work, lifestyle and updates

Music Work Releases:

Myvibe is an official platform for all and every music artists to launch and release their music works, videos, single, albums, audios, e.t.c. With Myvibe artist can share and release their music without hassle and unnecessary marketing.

Artist's Expression:

Artists can express themselves and showcase daily lifesyles via Vibes with fans at a much better and deeper level than on any other platform.

Music Monetazition:

Myvibe has made it easier for artists to directly monetize their music thereby solving the struggles of many artists especially upcoming artists who finds it difficult to both go national/global and at the same time benefit financially from their Music. With Myvibe artists can find the balance between making a living financially and fame via Launching, Premium Music and Private premium link
Note: While an artist music is on premium it may be on any other platform for free

Usage of Our Product

Myvibe is available for everyone to use within the following guidelines and terms

Community Standards:

As a community we are very concerned about what is allowed and not allowed on the platform to make it a safe place for everyone. It is demanded and also you agree to abide by the following by using Myvibe

  1. You may not share music you are not the copy right owner or do not have permission from its copyright owner

  2. You may not alter any part of our services or platform
  3. You may not use the platform for illegal purpose
  4. You may not post advertistments, promotions or solicitations
  5. You maynot post pornographic content

  6. You may not show unruly attitude while using Myvibe such as in comments or posts

Music Launching:

Artist can launch their music as it would be in a launch event, bringing all the glamour, energy and vibes. Launching music has never been made easier.

Premium Music and Subscriptions:

Myvibe is a free platform to use by everyone, Myvibe only charges for premium music works released by artists via subscription plans. Artists are to set which of their releases is premium as they desire, a premium music is a release an artist wishes for the public to stream but to purchase before downloading it to their devices. A music release may be set as premium by an artist and later released for free to the public as the artist desires. Our Subscription plans includes:

  1. Student(Monthly)

  2. Basic(Quarterly)

  3. Premium(Yearly)
We charge based on the subscription package chosen. Subscriptions are not automatically renewed unless set by the user and can be cancelled anytime. Premium musics are identified with the icon


Using our Product or not, you may not interfere engineering wise with our systems or product to penetrate or infiltrate into our system(s), servers, e.t.c to change data, manipulate data or any of such. Any Vulnerability found should be privately reported to us and not public via support and would be attended to and also remunerated as a bug bounty.

Uploading/Releasing Music Works:

Myvibe is for artist uploading and sharing their music or other music they have rights to, such as featured music, etc. Myvibe takes no responsibility for music work shared on its platform without the original copyright's owner permission. As a music artist or uploader you take responsibility for any music or content you share on our platform and by uploading such music you agree to be the copyright ownner or have the right(s) to do so.

Copyright Works:

All Music works and releases such as Videos, audios, Posts, Contents, e.t.c should be the Poster's property, if your property is shared on our platform against your wish without permission, report the issue to us with the necessary required information, such work will be brought down from our platform. You may decide to carry our legal actions against such individual(s).

Music Takedown

Myvibe reserves the right to at anytime take down or remove any content it finds disturbing to its community or for reasons it deems fit without prior notice to its owner or uploader.

Premium music, music launch Monetization Policy:

Artists can choose to monetize musical work by making it premium, this can be set free anytime also, our policy as regards monetization settlements is as follows:

  1. For each launch on a music, an artist is settled 90%, for music launched a promoter's page, the artist is settled 88% and the promoter is settled 2%
  2. Myvibe settles artists in percentage per purchase of their premium music, artist is settled 75% of each purchase of premium music. Music on premium on a promoter's page, the promoter is settled with N1 per purchase from artist's 75% settlement

  3. Myvibe pays artists for premium music from subscriptions, for every valid and legal downloads of a premium music

  4. Artists may not release their music work which is on Myvibe on any other Content sharing platform for free while it is on premium on Myvibe

  5. Payment per purchase varies per fan's subscription plan who makes the purchase see details

  6. Withdrawal Threshold is ₦5000

  7. Myvibe charges a 10% fee of each private premium link revenue

These are the payments settled to artist for each subscription plan a user is running, this does not include the 25% service fee

  • For users on pay as you go plan, Myvibe settles artist ₦15
  • For users on student plan, Myvibe settles artist ₦10
  • For users on basic plan, Myvibe settles artist ₦8
  • For users on premium plan, Myvibe settles artist ₦8


Our Support desk is available via our product to reach out to us for any issue(s), these issues includes but are not limited to the following:

  1. Reporting Spam contents, graphic contents, adult contents

  2. Difficulty Encountered while using our product

  3. Your work shared by a user without permission

  4. Feedbacks(Improving our product)

Updates on terms:

We may at any time review and modify our terms and conditions in future without prior notice to you and said motification(s) becomes effective upon posting on the website, your continued use of Myvibe following a modification to this agreement indicates your acceptance of the agreement and to abide by such modification(s)