MyVibe is

MyVibe is No.1 music digital store in Africa. MyVibe is a music launching, sharing digital store for audios and videos.

For Artists:

  • MyVibe allows artists, labels and promoters to share and release their music for free
  • MyVibe allows artists, labels and promoters to launch their music albums, EPs, videos and audios.
  • MyVibe is a digital store with easy access and smooth user experience that would delight your audience
  • On Myvibe, artists have the option of uploading their music under the premium category, without any fees.
  • Your listeners and fans can follow you and get your latest music instantly through the platform.

For Listeners:

  • MyVibe gives listeners access to millions of music and other contents, both to stream and download MyVibe is completely free to use and without advertisments.
  • MyVibe is a streaming and downloading service for listerners
  • Choose what you want to listen to with Search.
  • Get recommendations from personalized features.
  • Follow their favourite artists and pages.
  • See artists vibes and what's trending.

Your Music Your Choice

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